KFF Mills (Khousheh Fars Flour mills - Private Joint Stock) was established in 1972 in an area of 33,000 square meters of land and has officially started the initial annual  production capacity of  25,000 tons of flour in 1975. In order to increase the production capacity, KFF Mills has installed modern and cutting edge machineries and equipment in various stages; By  the last expansion project took place in 2016 the production capacity has reached 245,000 tons annually. KFF Mills has also the capacity of 120,000 tons of wheat storage with its full automatic system.

In 1981 KFF Mills established a state of art laboratory  to meet the quality standards mentioned in  its mission statement. Moreover, in 1989 KFF Mills was among very first millers in Iran succeeding to obtain  the national standards for its products. KFF Mills has been strategizing on quality products, customer satisfaction and team value which has led to earn the following awards with the following titles:

Designated as exemplary of:

  • Top Entrepreneur in 2008
  • Top Exporter in 2009
  • Top Performer on Food & Drug Ministry  in 2009
  • Top Exporter in 2010
  • Outstanding  National Flour Mill in 2010
  • Top Performer on Food Inspection Standards in 2010
  • Winner of the Best Manufacturing Award in 2011- Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade
  • National Recipient of High Quality & Standard in 2011
  • Designated performer on the Conference on the Importance of Management on Food Safety and Health in 2012
  • Designated performer on third National Festival of Top Entrepreneurs and Job Creators in 2012
  • Top performer on Food Industry in 2012
  • Outstanding  National Flour Mill in 2013
  • Winner of the Best Manufacturing Award in 2013- Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade
  • Winner of the Best Manufacturing Award in 2014- Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade
  • Winner of the Best Manufacturing Award in 2015- Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade
  • Top Hundred National Brands in 2017
  • Top National Exporter-2017

KFF Mills has been constantly improving  and renewing its milling technologies in order to meet and keep up with the quality and quantity requirements; this ongoing approach is embedded in policy and business strategies of our  company.

Since the Government subsidies were removed  on all flour based products, KFF Mills has  endeavored to keep  its  leading market position ,Therefore  the number of its customers has reached over 6,800 which clearly indicates the need towards more production.

KFF Mills with over 180 personnel and more than 40 years of experience in flour milling and producing varieties of products has gained a particular  position among flour users.  KFF Mills has also strived to maintain quality and customers' satisfaction.  By utilizing the advanced equipment, KFF Mills market's share is increasing on a daily basis, and its products are being sold in 24 provinces of the country.

Notably, KFF Mills is the first exporter of wheat and flour to the following countries; Iraq, India, Tanzania, UAE, Kuwait and Oman.