Tour of Plant

Sitting on ten acres of land (33,000 square meters) the entire operation, which includes the mill , the mechanized storage facilities, laboratory, home use packaging, and the workshop all act as one unit.

The mill with a capacity of grinding 800t of soft & hard wheat in 24hr has been constantly modified and updated since beginning of operation. Using some of the latest technology from Buhler, the entire system, from intake to the packaging, is strictly monitored with an automated system.


The computerized moisturizing system, which is located in the cleaning section, ensures the integrated flow of the wheat with proper amount of moisture into the milling section. Once the stock has gone through different milling machineries (roller mills, sifters, purifiers and detachers), the flour is then stored in proper silos and ready for packaging.

Our packaging system consists of two parallel lines of bag loading with a capacity of 20 bags per minute. There is also a system for bulk loading with a capacity of 35 tons of flour per hour.

Our fully standardized laboratory ensures a constant quality control of the production. The lab is fully equipped to perform more than twenty different procedures on the products to ensure that all necessary requirements are met.

To ensure that the plant always has its raw material available, a mechanized storage facility with a capacity of storing 120,000 tons of wheat was constructed. The facility operates from a central control room allowing it to unload six trucks simultaneously. Four 150t/hr elevators and four conveyors transfer the stock through the storage facility. The stock is fed to the mill via an automatic conveyor sitting in a gallery 18 meters in the air.

In order to maintain this operation, the management decided to set up a complete workshop where not only the maintenance of the machineries would be done, but also different parts of the machines could be manufactured. The workshop currently builds pneumatic piping, hoses, elevators, fan covers, belt/chain conveyors, and hoods. All motors are also repaired in the workshop. There is also a Buhler fluting machine that has been added to the workshop where the rolls of other mills is also being fluted and sand blasted.

Another part of our operation has been the annexation of a new packaging section strictly for home use purposes. It currently packages 750 boxes of flour per hour for any use of households from oven bread to pizza dough. New mixing and blending machinery are to be added for future development of new products, including barley flakes, self-rising flour, readymade mixes for baking and poultry seasoning.